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Nintendo Switch Neo Long Life Battery

Release Date:
March 03, 2017
370.00 USD
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The Nintendo Switch is the seventh major home video game console developed by Nintendo. Known in development as the NX, it was unveiled in October 2016, and was released worldwide on March 3, 2017.

Nintendo considers the Switch a "hybrid" console. It is designed primarily as a home console, with the main unit inserted onto a docking station to connect to a television. Alternatively, it can be removed from the dock and used similarly to a tablet computer through its LCD touchscreen, or placed in a standalone tabletop mode playable by several people.

The Switch's most distinguishable features are the Joy-Con wireless controllers, which include standard buttons and a directional joystick for user input, motion sensing, and high-definition tactile feedback. The Joy-Con can attach to both sides of the console to support handheld-style play, connect to a Grip accessory to provide a traditional home console gamepad form, or be used individually in the hand like the Wii Remote. The Switch supports both physical flash ROM cartridges and digital content for games and software, and does not use region locking.

From 2014, Nintendo had several quarters of financial losses mainly due to poor sales of its previous console, the Wii U, and market competition from mobile gaming. Then-Nintendo president Satoru Iwata pushed the company towards mobile gaming and novel hardware. The Switch's design is aimed at a wider demographic of video game players through the multiple modes of use, while retaining Nintendo's hardware uniqueness and innovation. Nintendo has sought support of many third-party developers and publishers to help build out the Switch's game library alongside Nintendo's own first-party titles, with over 100 titles under development by 70 developers as of January 2017.

The console is estimated to have shipped over 1.5 million units in the first 2 weeks of its launch, and Nintendo has said it is the fastest-selling home console in its history, with strong sales in Europe and North America.